Thursday, October 15, 2009

CB Grant Application Deadline: Tuesday, October 20th

We wanted to wish you good luck as you put the final touches on your grant application. These are a few important reminders as you get ready to submit your application by the deadline date of Tuesday, October 20th:
1. Make 3 copies of the application
2. Use a binder clip to keep the application together. Do not staple or use binders and folders.
3. Applications must not exceed 35 pages.
4. Make sure all parts of the application are filled out.
You can submit your application one of 3 ways:
1. Dropping it off at our office at City Hall, Rm. 356
2. Dropping it off at your local council field office
3. Mailing it (must be postmarked by Oct. 20th)
If you are dropping it off, please have the staff sign and date stamp the Submittal Receipt and keep a copy of it.
We have the full details of submitting an application and the final requirements at this link:
Good luck again!!